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Black Moon
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Tomac feat. Lokka Vox — Black Moon
Release date : Feb. 09, 2015
Label : InfraProgressive [Infrasonic Music]


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“After a short hiatus, InfraProgressive is back and supercharged with yet more high quality progressive vibes. Delivering the latest cut is Tomac, who together with Lokka Vox serve up the delightfully sensual ‘Black Moon’.

Crisp percussion, raucous bass, silky vocals and lush keys all play an important part in crafting this sublime progressive journey. The vocals from Lokka Vox will take your breath away, coupled with the spine tingling break and the warmth of the bass and soothing pads.

The drop is simply divine thanks to its careful execution and thoughtful arrangement. Tomac sure knows how to hit that sweet spot and delivers an epic cut that the masses will love.


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