Sincere (Tomac Remix)

Lange pres. Firewall — Sincere (Tomac Remix)
Release date : Sept. 30, 2022
Label : A State Of Trance, Armada

“Remixing one of the first-ever releases on Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance imprint, Canadian DJ and producer Tomac fires over an excellent rendition of the 2003 classic Lange produced under his Firewall alias. Included inclusion on the 'A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2022' mix album, this reimagination of 'Sincere' is a sonic journey worth exploring.”

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ASOT Ibiza 2022

Lange pres. Firewall — Sincere (Tomac Remix) [Featured on ASOT Ibiza 2022]
Release date : Aug. 26, 2022
Label : A State Of Trance, Armada

Now that the festival season is in full swing and people can finally connect on dance floors again, it’s time to keep the promise we made two years ago. Upon the release of ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2020’ at the height of the global pandemic, we vowed that you’d all party beneath the Ibiza sun again. And that moment has now arrived with the eighth Ibiza-themed installment of Armin van Buuren’s globally renowned mix album series: ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2022’. A seamlessly mixed collection of forty-one records that take listeners from the beach to the club, ‘A State Of Trance, Ibiza 2022’ delivers instant euphoria. Featuring Armin van Buuren’s festival-banging ‘Clap’, Vintage Culture and Three Drives’ magnificent rework of Ibiza classic ‘Greece 2000’ and dozens of other mind-blowing creations from respected artists such as Giorgia Angiuli, Ahmed Helmy, Allen Watts, ReOrder, Rub!k and more, the two-part album is replete with tantalizing harmonies and melodies, powerful drops and all of the hands-in-the-air action you could possibly want.

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Nikhil Prakash X Tomac — Pressure
Release date : Nov. 22, 2019
Label : Statement Music / Armada Music

Emerging with a blazing piece of Progressive Trance, Nikhil Prakash and Tomac hit Ruben de Ronde's Statement! label full force. With an electro-tinged bassline, raging synth storms and a breathtaking breakdown that erupts into melodic greatness, 'Pressure' is sure to make its presence known in the biggest clubs around.

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ASOT Ibiza 2019

Nikhil Prakash X Tomac — Pressure [Featured on ASOT Ibiza 2019]
Release date : Aug. 16, 2019
Label : A State Of Trance

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Who I am

Matt Cerf & Tomac feat. Jaren — Who I Am
Release date : Nov. 02, 2018
Label : AVA Recordings (Black Hole Recordings)

Beautiful vibes from a trio of talented artists. Matt Cerf & Tomac team up with the beautiful Jaren for Who I Am. Sublime vocals with superbly written melodic tones combine with skillful vocal chops and gorgeous pads an absolutely massive package!

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Tomac & Madstation — Breathe
Release date : Apr. 13, 2018
Label : FSOE Parallels

Breathe is an emotion-led progressive trancer on Parallels, laden with a heart-tugging main lead and intense pads. A sure-fire hit as Parallels goes from strength to strengt.

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Tomac — Cyclone
Release date : Nov. 20, 2017
Label : AVA Recordings (Black Hole Recordings)

After an enormous set at our AVA Night in Montreal, Canadian producer Tomac returns to the label with a whirlwind release! Cyclone is summed up by a vortex of euphoric sounds and melodies in a package full of club power. Check it out!

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Attila Syah & Tomac — Canasia
Release date : Sept. 29, 2017
Label : Black Sunset Music / Armada Music

As if it's been fed thrice a day with power capsules for the last twenty years, 'Canasia' is a sonic beast sure to hit the world full force. From the high-octane synth spikes to its trampling kick drums, this cut from Attila Syah and Tomac is what you get when you give two of Trance's finest free rein.

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Missing You (Tomac Remix)

Sky Riders — Missing You (Tomac Remix)
Release date : Aug. 18, 2017
Label : FSOE Excelsiore

Canadian DJ and producer, Tomac, gives 'Missing You' an uplifting twist with his newest remix. The angelic vocals from Sky Riders' original tune combined with a beautiful melody gives you a track you won't forget.

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The Fourth Dimension

Tomac & Onebeat — The Fourth Dimension
Release date : Jul. 10, 2017
Label : AVA Recordings (Black Hole Recordings)

A strong collaborative outing on AVA as Tomac joins with Onebeat for The Fourth Dimension. Roaring synths and club heavy bass blended for maximum effect in this affair. The breakdown is an epic orchestral monster completed by operatic vocals. The final climax is as huge synth ridden beast suitable for the biggest of festivals.

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One Chance (Tomac Remix)

Sheridan Grout & Michele C — One Chance (Tomac Remix)
Release date : Feb. 20, 2017
Label : AVA Recordings (Black Hole Recordings)

A Canadian triple combination, Sheridan Grout and Michele C's One Chance gets a brilliant rework by Tomac. A regular on FSOE, Tomac injects a touch of aggressiveness while retaining the beautiful soul behind the original in his remix. Perfect for those hair raising dance floor moments, his remix touches all the feels.

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Tomac & Pablo Artigas — Renaissance
Release date : Jan. 27, 2017
Label : Black Sunset Music (Armada Music)

A brand-new offering on Black Sunset Music, 'Renaissance' is the result of a Canadian-American team-up of legends. From its powerful build-up to its atmospheric breakdown and enthralling melody, this cut is is poised to write history and withstand the test of time.

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Red Velvet

Tomac — Red Velvet
Release date : Dec. 26, 2016
Label : FSOE Excelsior

Ending 2016 with a bang, Tomac is back yet again on FSOE's Excelsior imprint with a storming new tune entitled 'Red Velvet'. Just as delicious as the title suggests, this single is sweet on the ears and vibrant throughout. Now you can truly have your cake and it eat.

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Find You (Tomac Remix)

Trilucid feat. Sophie Tusnelda — Find You (Tomac Remix)
Release date : Nov. 25, 2016
Label : Infrasonic Recordgins

*Supported by Ferry Corsten twice on Corsten's Countdown and voted #1 as the Top 3 tunes of the week! Back with two slamming remixes to breathe fresh life into the already huge vocal track, Trilucid & Sophie Tusnelda's sublime 'Find You' is back thanks to these brand new remixes. First up, Infrasonic stalwart Ultimate does what he does best and delivers another killer uplifting rework. Emotional breakdowns and lush vocals, what more could you ask for? Next up, Tomac serves up a lush progressive take on the original. Packed with bags of energy, a slick groove, tonnes of energy and endless lush progressive vibes. Huge!

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Tomac — Initialize
Release date : Sept. 23, 2016
Label : FSOE Excelsior

Stepping up to the plate yet again on FSOE Excelsior are two popular names in the world of Progressive. Tomac's 'Initialize' starts us off with an orchestral breakdown and beautiful chord progressions, while EDU's groovy B side 'That Day' is full of energy and not short of stunning melodies. This is the Excelsior September Selection.

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Trust Me (Tomac Remix)

Paul Miller feat. Angel Falls — Trust Me (Tomac Remix)
Release date : Jul. 18, 2016
Label : Trance All-Stars Records

An enigma in his own right, Paul Miller brings his prowess to Trance All-Stars Records and his talent astounds us. Bringing on the enlightening vocals of Angel Falls, he's created an incredible serene tune in 'Trust Me'. Heavenly tones, beautifully chosen intricacies and a sensational ambience all melt into one to bring you this beauty. With a dub mix attached there is no going wrong with this spectacle of a tune; one not to be missed. Canadian producer Tomac is up on remix duties and brings a driving and powerful trance sound to the tune. Providing that big-room trance sound that would have thousands in a crowd in a state of absolute euphoria, he has accompanied it with a dub mix that will have your mind in bliss. Mike Squillo is a name that we can't get out of our heads and his remix of 'Trust Me' is one that not only tantalises the senses but will have you floating on clouds far above. He has envisioned the heavens and painted a tune that is so effortlessly stunning we can't get enough. Switching the track on its back and providing you all with a peaceful thoroughfare was Squillo's intent and boy has he not disappointed. Trance All-Stars Records proudly presents 'Trust Me' by Paul Miller with Angel Falls, including remixes from Tomac and Mike Squillo.

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The Dawn

Tomac & APD feat. Simon Romano — The Dawn
Release date : Jun. 17, 2016
Label : FSOE Excelsior

A familiar face on the Excelsior imprint, Tomac is back with his latest collaboration with fellow producer APD and vocalist Simon Romano. 'The Dawn' fuses progressive melodies with grinding basslines to provide the perfect bed for Simon's awe-inspiring vocals. We want more!

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Tomac — Mehiel
Release date : Mar. 25, 2016
Label : FSOE Excelsior / Armada Music

Premiered to a global audience on Aly & Fila's BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, Tomac appears once again on Future Sound of Egypt Excelsior with a sublime slice of Trance. Showcasing his prowess for delicious melodies and profound basslines, Tomac is becoming a regular staple on Aly & Fila's Excelsior imprint.

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Tomac & Mad — Pölygons
Release date : Jan. 22, 2016
Label : FSOE Excelsior (Armada Music)

Starting off with a highly energetic bassline, expectations of earth-shattering drops and ravaging basslines are sure to follow. Surpassing these prospects with 'Polygons', Tomac & Mad bring their high-octane masterpiece to Future Sound Of Egypt Excelsior, set to cause a chain reaction of fist-pumping and sky-high jumping. High time to secure a favorable spot on the dance floor, because it is going down!

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Knight Of Darkness (Tomac Remix)

Stream Noize — Knight Of Darkness (Tomac Remix)
Release date : Sept. 14, 2015
Label : Trance All-Stars Records

Remixing his track is another progressive producer who comes from Canada, it is Tomac. He has the apt grip of progressive production and has gained support from established names; now adding Trance All-Stars Records to the list! Tomac's style is clear in the remix. He sticks to the originality of the track and simultaneously gives the track a new shape. He adds deep basslines and sharper sounds to give the track a complete remake of a remix. It gives the track a finer quality and preciseness!

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Tomac — Sekhem
Release date : Jul. 31, 2015
Label : FSOE Excelsior (Armada Music)
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Ragnarök (Tomac Remix)

Pablo Artigas — Ragnarök (Tomac Remix)
Release date : Aug. 03, 2015
Label : Individual Identity

Rounding off the Ragnarok remixes package is Tomac, who proves why he is one of the most consistent producers in the game with a classy progressive trance version that can only be described as his own style.

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Nihavent (Tomac Remix)

Ahmed Romel & Hazem Beltagui — Nihavent (Tomac Remix)
Release date : Jun. 15, 2015
Label : Blue Soho Recordings

Upcoming progressive star Tomac continue to impress with what is fast becoming a signature sound, taking the track into slower and lush territory whilst one of the fresher names to Soho Music. His remix is played by Armin van Buuren at A State of Trance and got listeners' love with winning Future Favorite voting!

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Tomac — Gabrielle
Release date : May. 22, 2015
Label : FSOE Excelsior (Armada)

Montreal based Tomac returns to the FSOE Excelsior imprint for his impressive follow-up. Much like its predecessor, 'Gabrielle' features beautiful chords and a stunning atmosphere, creating a winning combination of progressive power and untamed sweetness, worthy of the FSOE stamp.

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Underwater Game

Tomac — Underwater Game (Original Mix)
Release date : Mar. 16, 2015
Label : Cloudland Music

Supported by Daniel Kandi and more.

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Black Moon

Tomac feat. Lokka Vox — Black Moon
Release date : Feb. 09, 2015
Label : InfraProgressive [Infrasonic Music]

Supported by Roger Shah, Hazem Beltagui, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Steve Anderson, Giesuppe Ottaviani and more.

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Tomac — Daria (Original Mix)
Release date : Dec. 19, 2014
Label : FSOE Recordings / Armada Music

Supported by Armin Van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Ben Gold, Alexander Popov, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Andy Moor, Hazem Beltagui, Roger Shah and many more.

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The Quest EP

Tomac — Kobayashi / The Quest
Release date : Jul. 14, 2014
Label : Red Soho (Blue Soho Recordings)

EP, including Kobayashi (Original Mix) and The Quest (Original Mix)

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In Trance We Trust 020

Tomac — The Quest (Original Mix)
Release date : May. 26, 2014
Label : In Trance We Trust (Black Hole Recordings)

Album compilation | In Trance We Trust 020, mixed by Menno De Jong, Mike Saint-Jules and Sneijder, including Tomac's The Quest (Original Mix).

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Tomac — Decontaminate (Original Mix)
Release date : Mar. 10, 2014
Label : D.Max Recordings

Single, including original mixe.

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Tomac — Ballista (Original Mix)
Release date : Jul. 15, 2013
Label : Silent Shore Records

Single, including original and radio mix. * Supported by Markus Schulz

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Alex Wackii & Tomac — Montreal (Original Mix)
Release date : Jun. 17, 2013
Label : Spellbinding Records

Single including original mix.

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Ocean Bridge

Tomac — Ocean Bridge (Original Mix)
Release date : Feb. 26, 2013
Label : Ora Recordings

Single, including remixes from Jeremy Sky & Malek and Gabriel Batz.

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We Make One

Tomac — We Make One (Original Mix)
Release date : May. 24, 2011
Label : Ora Recordings

Single, including remix from Gabriel Batz.

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Magic Island Vol.3

Tomac — Good Karma (Original Mix)
Release date : Jun. 04, 2010
Label : Magic Island Recordings (Armada Music)

Album compilation | Magic Island : Music for Balearic People Vol.3, mixed by Roger Shah, including Tomac's Good Karma (Original Mix)

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Alliance (Tomac Remix)

Nick Pilon & Cranium — Alliance (Tomac Remix)
Release date : Aug. 10, 2010
Label : Camouflage (Bonzai Music)

Single, including original by Nick Pilon & Cranium and remix by Tomac.

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Unexpected (Tomac Remix)

Raneem & MK — Unexpected (Tomac Remix)
Release date : Apr. 13, 2010
Label : Progrez (Bonzai Music)

Single, including remixes by Raneem, MK, Emdee, RAM3 and Tomac

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Broken Space

Tomac — Broken Space (Original Mix)
Release date : Jun. 04, 2009
Label : Vortek Records

Single, including Wizz Remix.

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Like A Dream

Tomac — Like A Dream
Release date : Jul. 22, 2008
Label : Moonrising Records

Single, including Mark Versluis remix.

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